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Vacationer Visa

According to the surviving guidelines of the Government of India, a Tourist Visa must be allowed to an outsider who does not have a living arrangement or occupation in India and whose sole goal of going by India is amusement, touring, cool visit to meet companions and relatives and so forth. No other movement is passable on a Tourist Visa. The Tourist Visa is non-extendable and non-convertible. It is given for 6 months typically; rest particularly relies on upon the nation of living arrangement. The candidate is obliged to create/submit records in evidence of his money related standing. Travelers going in gatherings of at the very least four parts under the sponsorship of a perceived travel org may be considered for stipend of aggregate traveler visa.

It has arrived at the notice of the Government that there has been misuse/abuse of the Tourist Visa. With a perspective to check the ill-use/abuse of the Tourist Visa, guidelines have been issued by the Government forcing the accompanying limitations:-

  • In admiration of outside nationals holding Tourist Visas with different entrance office, there ought to be a hole of no less than 2 months between two visits to the nation on such a Tourist Visa.
  • In the event that any outside national is obliged to visit the nation again inside a time of 2 months of his last takeoff, such remote national ought to get unique authorization from the Mission/Post concerned. The Mission/Post may consider such demands on benefits of each one case.
  • In all such cases, the remote national ought to enlist himself with the FRRO/FRO concerned inside 14 days of entry. An underwriting to this impact will be made on the visa sticker.
  • In the event that a remote national applies for Tourist Visa often i.e. inside one month of expiry of the past Tourist Visa, the Indian Missions/Posts abroad would allude such cases to MHA (Foreigners Division) for leeway before award of new Tourist visa.

This limitation won't be relevant to PIO/OCI card holders and nonnative’s holding business, livelihood, understudy and different classes of visa.

Business Visa

Visa is legitimate for one or more years with different sections. A letter from a supporting association showing nature of business, likely length of time of stay, spots and associations to be gone by, consolidating in that an insurance to meet upkeep costs, and so on ought to go with the application.

Student Visa

Are issued for the term of the scholastic course of study or for a time of five years whichever is less, on the premise of firm letters of affirmation from colleges/perceived universities or instructive foundations in India. Change of reason and organizations are not reasonable.

Conference Visa

Are issued for going to meetings/courses/gatherings in India. A letter of welcome from the coordinator of the gathering is to be submitted alongside the visa application. Representatives arriving at go to meetings may join tourism with going to gatherings.

Visa Registration

All outsiders, including nonnative’s of Indian beginning, going by India on a visa that allows a stay of more than 180 days must register with the Foreigners' Registration Officer having ward over the spot where the nonnative means to stay inside 14 days of his/her landing. While any guest arranging a stay of more than 180 days must enroll inside 14 days, a few visas will be stamped with an evidence of whether enlistment is needed. Everybody with visa demonstrating that enrollment is obliged ought to make certain to enroll with the suitable Foreigners Registration Office inside 14 days. It is best to check with the workplace you will be enrolling with for forward prerequisites, yet by and large you be asked to give the accompanying archives

  • Enlistment application structure (4 duplicates consecutive).
  • Solicitation letter from the organization in India.
  • Undertaking letter from the organization in India.
  • Four Photographs.
  • Photocopy of Contract letter and arrangement letter.
  • Declaration of consolidation of the organization/RBI approbation of the organization.
  • Declaration of consolidation of the organization/RBI approbation of the organization.
  • Location confirmation of the candidate (Lease understanding duplicate).
  • Photocopy of travel permit and visa.

Note: All Applicant are obliged to come by and by at MHA and FRRO office's.

General Instructions

Migration check is directed for all travelers, Indians or nonnatives, both at the time of entry and flight. The travel papers are properly stamped at landing and additionally takeoff. Travelers ought to be mindful so as to see that their visas are properly stamped before leaving the movement counter. All travelers, Foreigners and Indians, coming to India or withdrawing from India are obliged to load up D (Disembarkation) Card and E (Embarkation) Cards at entry and flight individually. The accompanying data is obliged to be given by the travelers in these cards: -

  • Name and Sex.
  • Date of Birth, Nationality.
  • Identification Details viz. Number, Dates of Issue .
  • Address in India.
  • Occupation.
  • Flight Number, Date of Arrival/ Date of sheets & port of last objective.
  • Nations went to amid most recent six days for arriving Indians.
  • Reason to Visit abroad.
Visa Requirements:
  • There is no procurement of 'Visa on Arrival' in India. Nonnative’s are encouraged to guarantee that they are in ownership of legitimate Indian Visa before they begin their excursion to India.
  • The travelers are obliged to outfit genuine particulars in the disembarkation card( Arrival Card) as to his name and nationality, his age, sex, spot of conception and address or expected address in India, the motivation behind his visit and the proposed length of stay in India.
  • Movement check incorporates checking of Passport, Visa, Disembarkation Card, entering outsider's particulars in machine, maintenance of Arrival Card and stamping of international ID of the nonnative.
  • Pakistan nationals other than those on Diplomatic visa are obliged to convey a Visa application structure (copy duplicates) which will be issued notwithstanding customary visa on their international ID by the Indian Mission concerned. On presentation at movement check post, they are issued Regular Residential Permit and are obliged to report at the assigned office or concerned Police Station in their spots of stay inside 24 Hrs unless and until they are authoritatively exempted from police reporting.
  • Afghanistan Nationals are issued Temporary Residential Permit at the migration Check post, with a bearing to get them enrolled inside 7 days with the concerned FRRO/FRO of their spot of sit tight.
  • Travelers may guarantee that their international Ids are rightfully stamped before leaving the movement counter.
  • Outsiders convey a legitimate PIO (Person of Indian Origin) Card or OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) Card alongside their substantial national international ID are approved to enter India without getting India visa independently.
Necessities concerning stay of Foreigners in India:
  • Outsiders are obliged to consent to the reason for which a visa was at first connected, furthermore to maintain conditions, supported on the visa. In the event that the visa is legitimate for more than 180 days, then every outsider entering India or inhabitant in India should exhibit in individual or through an approved agent to the fulfillment of the suitable Registration Officer at the spot of his stay inside the pointed out period specified on visa with the exception of certain visa classes obliging enlistment inside the defined time. Such enrollment should be a bit much on account of an outsider entering India on a visa substantial for a time of not more than one hundred and eighty days and who does not stay in India past the said perio.
  • Each one of those nonnative’s touching base on power of Tourist Visa with greatest time of 6 months require not require to be enrolled and don't need their visa to be expanded, require not require to be enlisted. Further, as a rule, Tourist visa is not extendable.
  • To encourage outsiders, those touching base on 'Section " or 'Business visa' legitimate for more than 180 days in span, can stay without Registration, if each one stay does not surpass 180 days
  • It is a required prerequisite for all Foreigners landing on Missionary (M), Student(s), Employment (E), Research(r), Medical (M) or Medical Attendant (M X) visa to enlist themselves inside 14 days of their first entry in India, regardless of span of sit tight.
Also, particular underwriting or rule on Indian visa, if any, needs to be emulated:
  • At the time of Registration each outsider should outfit exact data, to the fulfillment of the Registration Officer and might, sign the Registration Report, in the vicinity of the said officer. The outsider might likewise be given a duplicate of Certificate of Registration (Part III of Form A).
  • Outsiders may experience the guidelines given on Registration Certificates for their direction concerning stay and future reporting.
  • Each outsider should inside twenty-four hours of interest being made a Registration Officer, justice or cop, not underneath the rank of a head constable, produce, at such place as may be determined in his visa or such other evidence of his personality and/or Registration Certificate as may be needed for any reason associated with the requirement of Foreigners Act/Registration of Foreigners Rules.